What is the whole TWT? Why does it have a website? TWT (TrenchWars Tournaments) is an automated tournament event in arena ?go tourny. There is a bot (TournyBot) that can host a variety of different gametypes, 2 versus 2 included.

TournyBot stores all the results to a database and this website makes it easier for everyone to browse the results and statistics.
There is a rating system, how does it work? The rating system is quite simple. Individual duels affect player's rating as follows:

Points for winning a duel:
(Loser Rating / 10) * (0.5 * (Loser Rating / Winner Rating)

Points for losing a duel:
(Loser Rating / 10) * (0.1 * (Loser Rating / Winner Rating) * -1

Also, each tournament has a prize which affects ratings (prize is explained below).
The bot announces a tournament prize in the beginning of each tournament, what is that? Prize is the result of putting all the participants' ratings together and then dividing it by 30. Random team's (explained later) rating is the average rating of the team.

However, there is a minimum number of players required to have a prize. If less than 5 players/teams enter the tournament the prize will be 0 to prevent players gaining free rating points in small tournaments.
Who gets the prize, only the winner? Winner of a tournament gets only half of the prize. This is how the prize is divided between the top players of a tournament:

50% (1/2)

Runner Up:
25% (1/4)

Places 3-4:
12,5% (1/8)
What is random ladder and how do I participate in it? Random ladder contains those players who have played team tournaments but didn't have a partner when the tournament began, thus they were assigned a random partner.

To participate in random ladder instead of team ladder, just be on a freq alone when the tournament begins. Be aware that the bot might spec you if it is unable to find a partner for you.
I really like tourny, but why is the bot online only during weekends? TournyBot is online only during weekends to prevent overhosting. Even some of the events you really like get old if you play them too much.

However, there has been discussions about making it available during weekdays but nothing final has been decided as of yet.
What are AFS and ABS? AFS, Any Fighter Ship, is a tournament where only fighter ships are allowed, whereas ABS, Any Base Ship, has only base ships allowed.
AFS Ships:
Warbird (1), Spider (3), Leviathan (4) and Lancaster (7)

ABS Ships:
Javelin (2), Terrier (5), Weasel (6) and Shark (8)
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